Just Works provides a range of services to help you meet your computer needs.

Below is a sample of the kinds of services we offer:

  1. In-Store Computer Repair and Maintenance: $50/hr — You can bring your home computer in to our shop and we’ll see if we can fix your problem. $25  initial consultation (can be applied to resulting service). In most cases, you’ll need to bring your system in so we can properly ascertain the trouble and how best to fix it.
  2. Web Sites that Just Work: From $399.00 and $50/mo maintenance — Just Works can create a powerful, professional web site for you or your small business that will below the socks off your friends and customers!  Check out our portfolio here.
  3. Kooraté: (varies)— Tap the wisdom of the Internet Masters with Kooraté. Kooraté is our brand of consulting – We draw from over a decade of Internet expertise and distill it all into  teachable art form.  Join  our mascot Kooraté Cat as she teaches you the ways of the Internet.  Kooraté services include complete internet solutions tailored to SOHO businesses and subscription PC maintenance and repair.
  4. Flat Rate Virus Removal: $100 — There are millions of viruses and trojans and other nasty things out there ready to infect your computer.  Even with the latest antivirus software, sometimes one will get through.  Jost Works is right here t help.  We’ll go in and ferret out that malware for a flat fee to help you out.  When we’re done, we’ll make sure your computer is running a fully updated antivirus program and has all the available patches.
  5. Small Business Consulting: from $75/hr — We can work with your small business to design, build, and/or maintain your computer network. With a decade of experience serving businesses and individuals all over New England, our engineers know what works and can make it happen at your company.
  6. Dual Boot Linux Installation: from $120 — Want to try Linux on your own computer but don’t know how to set it up? We can make your computer “dual boot” – where you can choose whether to run your existing Windows operating system or Mandriva Linux each time you power up your computer. Some restrictions apply: contact us for details.
  7. Linux Installation on older computers: $100 — Have an older computer you want to continue to use but it’s too slow to run Windows? We can install a small Linux system (NOT Mandriva) on it that will make it fly. This is ideal if you have a spare computer for guests to use or if you are very budget conscious and don’t wish to throw out old hardware that still works. (Requires a Pentium class computer (586) with 128MB RAM or more with a CD drive and at least 50MB hard drive space available. Note that this is NOT a dual-boot option.)

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