The usual answer to many questions regarding your computer will be “bring it in” because we can’t know for sure unless we can take a look at it. Just Works has a policy of FREE estimates and we go out of our way to make sure you will know the MAXIMUM price before you authorize work. We have yet to charge ANYone more than we estimated. Most of the time it is right on or a little less. So your best bet is to bring your computer to us for a free evaluation. You will be under NO OBLIGATION to pay us. That said, here are our most frequently asked questions (and their answers):

  1. Q: Do you buy/sell used computers?
    A: No, but we can sometimes refer you to someone who does.
  2. Q: Can you fix my laptop?
    A: Maybe.  If you have a virus or other software issue, we can very likely fix it.  Laptop hardware is generally not designed to be repairable.  The hardware is very customized to each individual brand and model, and would need to be special ordered if replacements are needed.
  3. Q: I think I have a virus.  What should I do?
    A: Call (603) 484-1461 to make an appointment to bring your computer to Just Works *IMMEDIATELY*. Viruses can steal the information off your computer and send it to criminals anywhere in the world.  EVERYTHING on your computer is vulnerable – Your passwords, accounts, personal documents – anything.  Shut the computer down and bring it to us to get the virus removed immediately.  This is nothing to fool around with.  Just Works has a flat rate virus removal and optimization package available for only $99.  We also offer FREE estimates, so you can rest assured when you bring your computer to us that we will take the best care of you.
  4. Q: Can you install Linux on my computer?
    A: Probably.  If your computer is not too old and still functions, we very likely can.  A full install of Mandriva or Puppy Linux is $100.  If you require dual boot with Microsoft Windows, the rate is $120.  We’ll even link your files so you can access your Windows desktop and documents from Linux.
  5. Q: Can I run (some program) in Linux? A: Linux is different from Windows. Most programs are made to only run in one operating system. You will need to check with the program vendor to find out if it will run in Linux. That said, there are equivalent programs to many of the ones you are familiar with. Most people find that they can do everything they need or want to do using these equivalents. Check out the list of Linux alternatives at http://www.linuxalt.com/ or at Linux Links.
  6. Q: Can I play games on Mandriva Linux?
    A: YES! Mandriva Linux comes with a lot of games you can play right out of the box! Transgaming Cedega is also available so you can play many of your favorite Windows games in Linux. The Linux Game Tome has a huge list of games news and reviews. You can also purchase native Linux games from http://www.linuxgamepublishing.com/
  7. Q: Do you sell laptops?
    A: We do, but we do not keep them in stock.  Please contact us for details.
  8. Q: Some other computer companies cease support after a certain time period. How long do you support your Just Works computers? (For instance, Microsoft has a detailed and complicated “End of Life” policy.)
    A: Just Works computers include a 90-day complete installation support, one year parts and labor warranty, and for as long as you own your Just Works computer, you can request help from us and we’ll do our best to help you out. This latter kind of help is offered “as available” and in the future (when our time becomes more limited) we will offer a paid “priority support” option. While we hope you will continue regularly upgrading your computer systems, we do not plan to cease supporting any of our systems at this time.
  9. Q: Just Works computers come with Mandriva Linux. I don’t want to be using something no one else uses. Who else uses Mandriva Linux?
    A: Mandriva does not require their customers to register their product, and also protects the privacy of those who do. Mandriva is a successful international software company who has been around a long time. Mandriva is popular in many European countries as well as Argentina, the Russian Republic, among school children in developing African countries, and has been used extensively by NASA as well as by many individuals and businesses around the world. There is a wonderful community of Mandriva Linux users at http://www.mandrivausers.org
  10. Q: How does Mandriva Linux compare to other distributions, like Ubuntu?
    A: Linux distributions are like different brands of the same product type. Just Works chose Mandriva because of a combination of support options, hardware compatibility, and most importantly, ease of use. Ubuntu is a very good Linux distribution and we may offer it in the future as an option on some of out systems. We chose Mandriva over Ubuntu because we believe it is even easier to use than Ubuntu. If you really prefer Ubuntu Linux, we can install it on our complete systems along side Mandriva. Our excellent support however is tailored to Mandriva.

Got a question for our FAQ? Email it to brian@justworksnh.com

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