Jul 12

How You Get a Virus…

I’m often asked how a virus could have gotten into a computer.  The usual answer is that someone was TRICKED into INSTALLING the virus.

Here’s how it works:

You’re surfing around the net… and suddenly, you see something like this pop up:

“Oh, NO!” you think.  Whether you press OK or close the window the next thing you see looks like a virus scan in progress… In the end, it looks like you have viruses!

Now, no matter what you do, the web site tries to get you to download the VIRUS:

NOW you should hit CANCEL!  If you hit Ok, you now have the virus installer on your computer.  If you were using Internet Explorer, it probably asked if you want to run the program you just downloaded.  If you do… That’s it.  You’re infected.  Bring your computer to Just Works for a flat rate virus removal IMMEDIATELY! These viruses usually install more viruses.  This is BAD.  Get your computer serviced NOW.  I’m NOT kidding here.  I won’t go into detail about all the bad things that can happen when you have a virus.  If you’re infected, get professional service RIGHT AWAY.

Here, you *should* hit the “Cancel” button.  That brings you back to the fake scan results.  Next, you’ll need to get out of that site, but wait! The site isn’t done trying to install the virus on your computer!  It tries again by giving you this warning message:

Here, press OK or it’ll just bring you back to the fake virus scan results.

How did I know this was a fake?  I’m not running Windows.  There is no “C” drive to get infected.  MY virus scanner looks a LOT different from this.

But you might be surprised at how many people fall for this EVERY DAY.  It’s Ok if you did.  But now, if you did, it’s time to get your computer serviced.  Just Works has a FLAT RATE virus removal special for just this sort of thing.  For only $100, we will take care of your computer and remove ALL your viruses.  Call 603-484-1461 to set up an appointment to bring your computer in for repairs.

If your computer is doing ANY weird and funky things that it shouldn’t be doing, there is a good chance you’re infected.  Bring it to a professional to have it looked at. Just Works does not charge for an initial consultation, so there is NO RISK in bringing it in for us to look at.

PS: The above screenshots install a VIRUS.  This VIRUS tries to get you to buy “AV Security Suite”.  “AV Security Suite” is BOGUS! It is SPYWARE and WILL DO BAD THINGS to your computer.

Here is a screenshot of the VIRUS:

If you see ANYTHING like this that you didn’t PURPOSELY install, you need to seek professional computer support IMMEDIATELY.

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