Nov 18

New Service! In-Home Pick-up & Drop-Off!

Just Works, Nashua’s best, little computer repair shop is proud to announce a new service to help YOU out!

If you need over $120 worth of work, we will personally come to your location within 30 miles of our Nashua, NH office to pick up your computer, and when we finish the service, we’ll drive out and deliver it back to you!

NO ONE ELSE offers this kind of personalized service, let alone around here.

What if you only need a $99 virus removal?  That’s simple.  We’ll tack on a $21 pickup & delivery charge to cover our time on the road.  No mileage to worry about! If you live within 30 miles of our office (Check Google Maps to find out!) we can take care of getting your computer to and from our repair office.

Here’s how it works: When you need Just Works to service your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, just call or email us for an appointment.  We’ll schedule a convenient time to pick up your computer.  Then we will bring it to our office and perform all the necessary services.  When we’re done, we’ll contact you for payment.  You can pay using a credit card through PayPal or you can pay in cash when we drop off your system to you.  When payment has been arranged, we’ll schedule a convenient drop-off time and deliver your computer to you.  We can even plug everything back in for you.  It’s THAT simple.

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